Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

New Gets + Outfit

Hey Girls !

I just wanted to show you some new get's and an outfit ! ^^

On friday I was in the city with my mother~
I was looking for a prom dress and some shoes !
I've also got some new nailpolishes !

So this is the dress:

It's a simple one I think~ It won't be a really huge party so this dress is enough for it ^^


And these are the shoes I bought for the dress:

The shoes are so adorable. I really love them !

Then I've got these nailpolishes:

Nail repair polish
Metallic colors by L.A Colors
Red nailpolish by maybelline
Clear nailpolish by essence
Highlighter pen by catrice 

I really like all of the products ! 

Yesterday I went to the city to meet some friends.
But my classmate called me spontaneously if I could look for a promdress for herself so I said yes.

This is was my outfit:
This is also a new dress which is from H&M

Cat bonus:

Here is a picture with me and my classmate Sonja 

another picture from me in the shoe shop

that's all !

kisses & hugs



  1. Ich bin schon gespannt auf de Fotos von dem Abiball =3 Du wirst bezaubernt aussehen und ich finde das Kleid sehr hübsch <3