Donnerstag, 2. August 2012


Hey girls ! 

this is the last part of my weekend ! 

In the morning we had a little trouble but it would take ages to write it down .

anyways we left the house around 10 am and drove to Bonn again 

This day was kinda boring but I was happy to spend time with my friends ! 

My outfit wasn't special at all so there is no good picture of it 
First we went to Starbucks ! 

I had "Strawberries and Cream" 
It was really delicious but too much for me 

Afterwards we went again to the Jrock meet up but I forgot to take a group picture !

But I took some pictures with my friends :





Thank you guys for the nice time ! 

Here are some pictures which I took because I was bored:

That was it ! 

On Monday I will finally fly to Japan! 

Stay tuned my lovely readers ! 

kisses & hugs 

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