Mittwoch, 1. August 2012


Hey girls ! 

here is the next part of the Animagic ! 

As I said  in my entry before I slept at Rookies house.
We woke up early in the morning to get ready ! 

She cosplayed Saga from Alice Nine .
I think the cosplay looked awesome but she said teh whole day long that her cosplay sucks 
I still think it looked great ! 

First we went to the OSC to take purikura ! 
here are a few :

Then we went back to the trainstation and drove to Duisburg because one ofh er friends picked us up so that we drove to Bonn by car 
As we arrived in Bonn we went to the J-Rock meet up because most of my friends went there !

Here is a group picture of all cosplayers

So many nice cosplays ^^ 

Sadly the weather wasn't that great ....but luckly it turned sunny in the evening ~ 
I just walked around and talked to my friends which I haven't seen for a while! 
I was really happy to meet everyone again! 

Rookie and me changed our jackets for a moment!
I think I look like a pirate ! XD 

I was also sad about that there were only bad cosplays....
There wasn't any cosplay where I could have said: " WOOW! That looks awesome" 
I just saw a pretty cute Lady GaGa Cosplay !

This day ended really quickly ! 


kisses & hugs 


  1. also ich hab samstag einige richtig gute cosplays gesehen....

  2. Das mit den 'nicht so tollen' Cosplayern kenne ich leider. Manchmal sind echt keine guten da. ^^''
    Aber dein Outfit war echt süß~

  3. Ooooh ihr seht toll aus und das Gaga cos!! *O*