Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

TOKYO- Akihabara, Shibuya & Gazette Live !!!

Hey girls ! 

So finally I've got time to make a blogpost!! 

let's start with the arrival! 

We arrived in the morning at Tokyo Narita airport and drove with the train to our hotel 
our Hotel is pretty small for three persons 

anyways I really love Tokyo!
After we checked in our Hotelroom we decided to go to Akihabara because it's near our Hotel so we went 30 minutes by feet.

Here are some pictures :

This is what I have bought at this day :

our first purikura !!

kinda awkward xD


so today We have been first in Shibuya to look for a bank
but we have seen so many fashinonable people!

here are some :

so cute girls!

Well then we walked a bit around shibuya and looked around and we have also seen the famous statue of Hachiko!

ah and here are some pictures of me 

Less gyaru because as the title of my blog says I was at the concert of "The Gazette"!

We also decided to take Purikura !

I like them :D 

So then we went to Diver city where the concert was!

It was so damn fucking great 
ejkrfnsjkigvnajkinvgajldfknvgjldkfnv dlfjkhn

Before the concert we saw so many cool cosplayer !

I also met my french friend Miki!!

The Japanese fans were so fucking crazy srsly! 
but they are really thoughtful!
I almost lost my shoe but some girls stood immediately around me so that no one ran over me ! 
really nice 
but it was hot
I was totaly wet everythere but it was totaly worth it!!!
They played my favorite song "Cockroach" And I was so fucking happy! 

After the concert I picked up my present which  I have won through the fanclub

original autographs and a polaroid picture!

and I bought this mirror for me ^^

Tomorrow we will go to harajuku! 

kisses& hugs


  1. So nice pics, I really want to come to Japan!
    And ohh the gazette's concert and autographs! ;w;
    I envy you haha~

  2. Sehr cool, dass du die Autogramme gewonnen hast und das Konzert so toll für dich war. Gehst du im Rahmen deiner Reise auf noch mehr Konzerte?
    Auch die Bilder sind sehr cool~ <33
    Ich will auch gern nach Japan.. viel Spaß dort. ^^

  3. toller Eintrag <3 freut mich, dass das Konzert so toll war!