Freitag, 10. August 2012

TOKYO- Shibuya & Harajuku

Hey girls !! 

So Yesterday we were in Shibuya and Harajuku!! 

Guess for what?! YES! Shopping!

and I already bought a lot 
but unfortunately I've lost my bank card . really great
but my friends can luckyly borrow some money for me.

so this is what I've bought !

this really cute and big teddy bear from bodyline!

ViViD's latest album "Infinity" in limited edition
ViViD Hair tie with a little chain on it

The album is from "Like an edison" 
the rest from closet child

my melody note pad and stickers!

and this cute pyjama

We also went to eat "Ramen" 
it was sooooooo delicious!

I haven't put in my extensions this day because it was too hot for it !

then we went to La foret , Hiki and Seita wanted to shop at "Super lovers" The shop staff was soooo cute and her nails were amazing!!!

Then today we were in Shibuya and Harajuku again!!! 

and I met my friend Anji

First we went to Shibuya 109 and I finally could go to MA*RS
At the moment I just bought this :

Finally I have my dream wallet!
I love it sooooo much
there is so much space inside !
it costed 6,900 Yen

I also took a picture with the shopstaff together !

isn't she lovely?
and she was so friendly!

Then I bought this belt:

Isn't it amazing?
It's by Twisty and it was on sale 
1,750 Yen 

tutuHa Dress !

that one was also on sale 
3,940 Yen

Picture with shopstaff again

It's kinda weird. my face is ugly xD 
she was also such a friendly and cute shopstaff!

Then Anji and I took Purikura !

then we split up and went again to harajuku! 

I bought this poncho like cardigan 
I actually don't like sex pot clothes but this one looks really cool!

Was also on saleeee !!
I love sale xD
who does not ?

and the last thing I bought was this petticoat like skirt from bodyline 
Because my tutuHa dress is too short for me

It looks so cool! 

so that's it 
tomorrow we didn't plan to do something special 

kisses & hugs 


  1. Wow! All of your purchases are amazing! : D

  2. Wow~ so viel tolle Sachen die du gekauft hast und die Verkäuferinnen sehen alle so süß aus. *Q*
    Der Mars Geldbeutel ist ja mal LIEBE!!! Aber shit, dass du deine Bankkarte verloren hast. >__<

  3. total tolle sachen und du siehst soooo toll aus *_*