Sonntag, 9. September 2012

about Gyaru secrets & my private life

Hey girls 
and dear writer of the secret about my best friend and me 

1. how do you even dare calling my best friend a whore ?
I guess you don't even know a thing about her .

2. my private life shouldn't be your business.
and how do you even know for sure that I am lesbian ?

probably your are just someone with no friends trying to bully some other people-of course anonnymously to get more self-confidence.

Okay guys srsly. 
I'm not someone who is going to write everything in her blog .
sure I am write a lot about my life .
but things like that are totaly my own business 
If I would have a boy/girlfriend it would be my business until I will mention it because I am not a person who is going to mention everywhere that I am taken .
Srsly no. I hate things like that. Also when I see some bitches on FB texting everywhere " OMG I AM TAKEN NOW I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH HE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" 

I can get really pissed of if someone bothers me about my private life
If I want to mention something about it then I will . If not then just accept it.


PS. Soon I am going to write a review about sponsored circle lenses ! ^^ 
they just need to arrive but I guess they will arrive soon 
so stay tuned !


  1. I'm quite confused why they think being a lesbian is a bad thing regardless of if you are or aren't 0.o

  2. Ich bin auch etwas verwirrt, warum lesbisch so negativ aufgenommen wird/als negativ benutzt wird?

  3. Ihr seit beide wunderschön das is nur der neid!
    Ich kenn dich zwar nicht persönlich aber ich nehme an du bist auch ein toller mensch und vor allem hübsch!

  4. stupid secret >< they clearly are just hating for no reason o.O I wouldn't write it on your blog though, people who posts these kind of things would do it again more likely if you give attention to it.