Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Tokyo Haul!

Hey girls ! 

So finally here is the blogentry about my gets in Tokyo ! 

I actually didn't buy that many clothes since almost nothing really fit me ....
I was kinda depressed ....

in my last few entries which I have written in Tokyo you can see a part of what I bought . 

here is the rest of it ! ^^ 

First I wanna show you my d.i.a belt ! 

I can't tell you how much I wanted a belt from d.i.a and now I have it ! 

it costed around 7,000 yen but it was totaly worth it 

the design is so cool! 

I wish I could wear it always xD 

then I bought this bracelet at ma*rs 
but I don't like it anymore so I am selling it for 25 € 
original price was around 3,900 yen 
if you have interessts please leave your email adress in a comment and I am going to contact you ^^ 
I have never worn it but it is without tags

then I bought this leggins and top from Real Ma*rs 


then I bought three bags 
I know kinda a lot but I love bags ! 

Jesus Diamante (right)
shop in marui one (left)
Shibuya 109 (middle) 

well actually I didn't buy anything else 
except for random things like that :

alice nine's Vandalize album

and OMG 
when I looked around the J-rock closet child I've found three checkis of Reno! 
I can't belive how lucky I was !

also found one of Kuina :D

well these are my get's from Tokyo !
I want to appologize again that I can't show you more pictures about streetsnaps and so on

I'm so sorry girls 

stay tuned

kisses & hugs 


  1. nice gets (*-*) i want a d.i.a. belt tooo but for me the prices are tooo high (;_;) but im sure it will look good on you ^^ and the so cute!! >< but also so i always go shopping in harajuku in no name brand shops XD or at least cheap shops haha!!
    it is so sad that ypou lost all your pictures, i can imagen...but i hope you can get them back or at least you can go there again soon, so you can collect more memories (^-^)

    oh~ and if you have time, please check out my new blog post!(。・ε・。) and if you like it you can write a comment☆彡 i would be happy!!^^
    have a nice day and take care~~ 

  2. Your new buys are so cute! : D And amazing!