Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Her Lips... red like blood

Hey girls ! ^^ 

Well atm life is pretty boring
A few days ago I tried red lipstick! 
and a more natural make up
here are a few pictures about it ! 

My mom said I look like snow white ! XD

I think I look pretty diffrent with red lipstick and such less eye make 
But I still like it ^^ 

Well yesterday my cat has had an operation
His teeth were all rotten and Gingivitis! the doctor had to take out every teeth inside his mouth
Now I have a toothless kitty ;w;
But he said that this is nothing bad! 
he can still live without teeth ,now I just have to puree his food and he can still eat ! 
I hope he will get well soon but it seems like he is on the best way to get healthy again ! 

that's it

kisses & hugs 


  1. Du siehst super hübsch aus und ich liebe deine Haare *O*
    Gute Besserung an deine Katze <3

  2. Das sieht total toll aus <33
    Und Gute Besserung an deine Katze ;__;!!