Samstag, 3. November 2012


Hey girls !

I'm sorry for the late blogpost 
I had a lot of stuff to do for my work !

last weekend I have been to Düsseldorf and visited a close friend ! ^^ 

I arrived late at night and my journey was really long ;w; 

but I spend a nice time with here and I also met Sui (which wasn't planed actually XD )
So we took spontaneously purikura together ! 

I've also taken pictures with Sui!
But I just look like shit , please ignore my face |D

and also as you can see my outfit isn't really gyaru-ish 
I'm kinda lazy to create new Gyaru outfit since I am broke .
Also it's getting cold and I am bad at creating winter gyaru outfits XD

With Rookie <3 

We got kinda bored so we started to draw pictures on each other hands

that's it !

kisses & hugs 

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