Montag, 18. März 2013

Nu'est - 여보세요 Review

Hello Girls ! 

Well actually I planed to write an entry about my weekend in Leipzig but I still have to wait for the pictures 
so I will blog about it as soon as I get them ^^ 

Before I went to Leipzig I finally recived Nu'est new mini album which is called "여보세요" (Hello)

I orderd the supderduperhyperheavy edition and payed around 50 €~ (and 10 € customs xx)

but it was totaly worth it !

First of all it's huge, it's really HUGE. 
When I unpacked it at the customs I was like "Wow~ not bad" 
I was really happy when I saw the size because normally such things aren't that big
Nu'est are doing a great job when it comes to cover designs for their CDs and doing specials for fans.

The CD is also packed seperately with a "frame" (?)

And I got Baekho as a trading card ^^ 
I hoped to get Ren or Aron~
(If some L.O.Λ.E 's are reading my blog I would be really happy if anyone would like to trade ;w; just leave a comment with your email and I will contact you ~~)

Inside of the CD ,of course the CD XD, and a booklet with really beautiful pictures of the members! 
I really love the designs of the CD's of Nu'est , they are all like small books and it makes it also easy to store them~

I only took one picture of the booklet which shows Ren~

Soooo last but not least the huge booklet
well it's more a photobook than a booklet
it's called " The Moments" and it is SO AMAZING
The photobook is high quality and the pictures were printed on really thick paper
The book is about 2 cm thick and has 180 pages which is a lot ! 

I remember when I bought my ViViD Photobook which has about 80 pages and I payd around 100 € 
pretty much xx 

But well~ this Photobook is soooo amazing 
They boys were shooted in diffrent cities , such as Australia and USA
I absolutely love love loveeee this Photobook <3

Well actually that's it for now! 

Next entry will be about my cosplay!

kisses & hugs 

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