Samstag, 9. März 2013

REVIEW- Circle lenses i.Fairy - Ash Violet

Hey girls !! 

So here is another circle lens review for you !
I didn't got them sponsored I bought them by myself 

the once that I will review are 

i.Fairy - Ash Violet

I bought them at

Here are some basic information from their side :

I recived them in such a cute package as always! 
they cost 8,07 €PER PIECE

soo this is how they look like ! 
I really like the style of these lenses and also the color

I bought these lenses for my Meg Cosplay and they are really awesome ! 
I already have pretty dark eyes though you still can the violet color!

With the make up look of meg:

Close up:

Comfort :  3/5 

They are not thaaaat comfortable to wear but it's okay for one day
they get a bonus because they look gorgeous! ^^

Design ❤ 5/5
As I already said ! 
I really love the design and I also think they look really pretty and natural ! 

Enlargement ❤ 5/5 
My eyes get really big as you can see ! 
I am totaly satisfied with these lenses ! ^^ 

thats all for today ! 

kisses & hugs 


  1. Was für eine schöne Farbe und das Design gefällt mir auch gut! ♥
    Ich bin schon auf mehr Fotos deines Megara Cosplays gespannt ^-^

  2. They look so nice on you!! <3
    Hehe I'll be receiving the same too but in blue, cant wait :p

  3. Wow, die sehen mega gut aus und ich möchte so gerne Bilder vom Cosplay sehen! *_*