Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

DoKoMi 2013 Part 1

'sup girls! 

so this is just going to be a short and quick entry about my weekend again in Düsseldorf ! 
But this time I didn't go there for no reason . I was there because I went to a convention called "Dokomi" 
It was really funny and nice because I was able to meet some more friends which I haven't seen for a long long time so I was really happy to see them again and spend some time ~

I got a day off at work so I could take a plane on friday . 

On friday we didn't do anything special , the others were working on their cosplays to get them ready for Saturday ! 
 I also "cosplayed"  with them 
It was actually a planned cosplay but first I cancelled it. Luckily I found a cheap dress so I was also able to participate the cosplay 

I guess you are wondering at this point what I was cosplaying ? 
I will tell you ! 
We cosplayed Social Network sites 
I was Yahoo! but my cosplay fell appart so at the end it didn't look really special ...but the others looked so awesome ! 
We had Facebook, Tumblr, MSN and me as Yahoo
 I am going to stop writing and start showing you the pictures ! 

enjoy them : 

With Rui~~

I know these are not a lot of pictures but these are only the pictures I took with my phone ! 
I will post some more pictures as soon as I got them , I promise !

The day passed so fast and Sunday came so fast .
I dresses casual and nothing special ~ 
my friends were all wearing pikachu kigurumis.
They looked so cute  :3 

Sundays Make-up ~

we were also able to take free high quality pictures at Nikon!
That was so cool .
I have also taken a picture with the others but I look so horrible on it ...I really don't want to share it with you . I am sorry >.<

Well I would say that's it for part 1! 
At this point I also have to thank for my lovely blog follower, who I met at the Dokomi! 
I was really flattered,it really made my day  ! 
thank you very much ...it makes me so happy when I meet my followers at conventions or at any other places~ so if you will ever see me please talk to me !!! 

kisses & hugs 


  1. Ha ha, was für eine coole Idee mit euren Cosplays!!! XDD Schade, dass ihr kein Twitter dabei hattet. XD

  2. Danke noch mal für das Bild mit dir :D haha ich hatte schon angst dass es peinlich oder so ist dich zu fragen /(->.<-)\
    gehst du zufällig auch auf den Japantag? Vllt sieht man sich ja wieder xD