Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

DoKoMi Pictures part 2 + New gets ~

Hi Girls ! 

Today I wanted to share the other pictures from the Dokomi ! 
I don't reall wanna talk a lot so here you go ^^ :

this one is my favorite XD: 

And yesterday I bought some things ~~

A few DVD's and M.A.C Products and the best , a new camera !! 

I absoloutely love this camera ! 
it takes so beautiful pictures .
And the best . I will be alble to do videos !! 

Here are some test shots ~

I had to get Nicki Minja's Lipgloss from M.A.C because I also bought the Lipstick and it has such a beautiful pinksh-puply color!
And the Fix + spray to fiy my make up ^^ 

that's it ! 

kisses & hugs 

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