Montag, 26. August 2013


Hi girls!!!

So here is my first part of my Japan entries 
It will contain : 
2.Moments in Japan
3. Purikura/ Outfits & Make up

So I don't really wanna talk thaaaat much so here we go! 
I spent most of my money at d.i.a ...Everytime I went there I spent like 20.000 Yen and more XD 
So here we go! 

d.i.a : 

(White belt is by skinny lip)

(black shirt isn't by d.i.a, unfortunately I forgot which brand it was >-<)

I have like 3 of these shopping bags now XD: 

then I went to Ma*rs and bought a really pretty dress! 
But I think I will probably sell it because I am too tall for it...sadly 
I still need to think about it because it was also pretty expensive 


aren't those heart buttons just adorable?


I love it!
I think I will wear it for christmas <3 

then I also visited the Glavil store but I only bought 2 things and I already sold one because I didn't like it anymore
So I just kept the white cardigan~

It's so cool! 

I already sold this dress/shirt didn't look good on me >-< 

went to Golds infinity and Skinny lip to buy this bag and belt ! ^^

Unfortunately the bag has a REALLY BAD quallity ...the fake leather is already coming off and it looks really ugly << 
But the belt is made so well ! 
I adore it so much first white belt!

then I bought these pants by "Baby Shoop" and cute my melody socks at a random store ~
you can get socks like these almost everywhere XD 
But the pants are really comfy and they sparkle a lot! 
Good thing about this is, that the glitter isn't falling off! So that's perfect because I hate clothes with glitter that comes off and you have it all over your body . That kinda sucks << but these pants won't lose its glitter !

then I got these super cool ripped leggings/pants 
Theye were pretty cheap ~ only 1500 Yen each :D

And of course I got some more random stuff like stuffed animals , make up band merch etc~ 

Rilakkuma with my zodiac sign~ 
guess what I am ! :3

ViViD Fanclub magazine , Alice Nine "Discotheque play like A Rainbows" DVD, Sumikko Gurashi Neko~~

actually I bought TONS of lashes ...these were just the first pair I bought :'D
and btw...the Eyeliner SUCKS ...don't get it! XD

So more stuff XD 

I fell in love with sumikkogurashi! 
they are so cute ! 
Haven't heard about them? 
"'Sumikko' in Japanese means 'corner', and 'Gurashi' (kurashi) means 'living'.
They are the Living Beings of the Corners, which loves....corners."

Shirokuma(White Bear), a white bear that ran away from the Northern country as he hates cold places. Feels in peace when he drinks tea at a cornered spot.

 Penguin does not have confidence in himself and is unsure of his own identity. Thinks he had a plate on his head before, like a 'Kappa'.

Tonkatsu, the last piece of fried pork cutlet that consists of 1% meat and 99% fat. He is always left behind due to his fat content...

Neko, the shy cat that loves to stay and scratch the corners...

ANNNND! These lovely 3 Alpakassos I've WON in the Ufo catcher <3 
I had to spend a lot of time and money for the big one but I only pay 100 yen of the little pink one and I guess about 300 yen for the yellow one? 
That was worth it ! 

Actually I didn't plan to buy something at the Adidas store but my friends wanted to check it out and as we were walking around I found these pretty little babies <3 
I wanted to buy them last year in germany but they cost 100 € and I was like "hahah no way" 
And now I found them in tokyo for 5000 Yen XD 
So I had to buy them! 
I don't even own sneakers ~ so they are perfect for work because they are also really comfortable~

Soooo~ I hope you enjoyed my Tokyo Haul entry 
I am really sorry that I couldn't do it in a video ! 
stay tuned for the next part! 
kisses & hugs 


  1. OMG so many cool gets...I love the glavil cardigan!! D: it wasn't there when I visited them!! ;3; damn! hahah
    if you ever want to sell this one...tell me, I will take it xDD

  2. OMG! Richtig tolle Sachen. Ich will alle an dir sehen XDDD

  3. Wow, richtig geniale Sachen *__* Ha ha die 'Ecken Bewohner' sind so niedlich, nach denen bin ich auch ganz verrückt. *Q*

  4. OMG <3 best haul ever! if I ever go to Japan I want to buy so many clothes as well! you have such a good taste *_* love all the D.I.A stuff, the ma*rs dress and the garula dress! (I think it was garula, the red/orange-ish one?) do you mind telling me how much it costed so I can ask my friend to buy it for me when she's in tokyo?

  5. Such beautiful gets!!! *_____* omg so jelly haha XD Love all the D.I.A clothes!

  6. ich gebs offen zu NEID aber voll toller haul :D
    ich liebe dieses d.i.a kleid und bin jedesmal am überlegen ob ich es mir kaufen soll >////< kann mich aber auch noch nicht zwischen den farben entscheiden xD... sag bescheid wenn du einen der d.i.a shopping bags loswerden willst ^^"

  7. OMG I'm so jealous! So many pretty clothes and things *___*