Samstag, 7. September 2013

JAPAN PART 2 | Purikura/ Outfits & Make up

Hey girls ! 
here is the second part of my tokyo trip ^^ 
I don't really wanna talk that much so let's start with the purikura ! 

as you might know if you already have been to japan, you can borrow cute costumes at the purikura stations ! 
So we also wanted to try it out and here is the result: 

we decided to borrow cute and colorful schoolgirl outfits! 
but there are many other diffrent costumes such as maid ,police officer etc~ 
 here is a funny bonus: 
I love this one! XD

I also met my baby Ryu!

please please pleeeeease check out her blog she is such an adorable and cute girl <3 
I love her ! 
Here is the purikura I took with her :

Isn't she just beautiful ? <3 

Then before we went to the alice nine concert we also took purikura 
My friend rookie cosplayed Saga from their PV "Rainbows" 
If you don't know the PV then  just Click here <3 to watch it ! 

So to match together I decided to do a Rainbow make up ! 

There was also one day I looked crappy because I was tired of getting ready so I just put on sunglasses and comfy pants XD 

Together with Mii <3 

I also met my japanese friend Kimi <3 
I was really happy to meet her this year again ! 
We already met last year too ^^

And these were the purikura we took on my last day 
I was really sad to leave tokyo !

Soooo then I want to show you all my outfits and make up looks ! 
here we go~

Close up for my rainbow make up ~

that's it for now girls! 
I hope you enjoyed my entry ~ stay tuned for the last part! ^^ 

kisses & hugs 


  1. Ich kenne die meisten Fotos schon durch Insta...aber alter...Dein Talent fürs Schminken ist einfach einmalig!! :O
    Du bist so ne stylische Lady...Ich liebe deine Fotos allesamt Dx <3

  2. Wow... das Ranbow-make up ist so genial!!! Ich finde die Puris auch voll süß die ihr gemacht habt. *____*

  3. Du bist so hübsch ;^; und ich liebe deine verschidenen Augen Make-ups!