Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Halloween , Cosmetic Con and my birthday !

Hi girls! 
first I wanted to appologize for not blogging for almost one month! 
to be honest I was very tired after work most of the time and  also lazy ~
but today I wanted to show you a few pictures from Halloween , the cosmetic con I went to and my birthday! 
let's start ! 

Cosmetic Convention

Iwent there with my work mate because she had free tickets :3 
outfit and make up:

the con was SO BIG ! 
but unfortunately I was kinda dissapointed because they didn't sell that much make up but more like skin care products , nail polish , shoes etc~
I don't know why
but anyways I bought bunch of new nail polish in sooo man diffrent colors ! 


my costume was the "Queen of hearts" from alice in wonderland

Make up without lashes :

with my friends :

We headed to a houseparty from a friend of ours~
it was freaking cold that night! ;w;
My friend DoDo made her own version of  the "white queen!
she sew the costume all by herself which was so cool! 
she is really talented in sewing~
so yea we stayed pretty long and around 5:30 am we went home to sleep for the rest of the next day XD


my birthday was on 9th of november ~ so almost a week ago ^^ 
I celebrated it with my closest friends , actualy I invited around 8 or 9 people to come over but yea at the end we were only 3 because almost everyone cancelled
but I was okay with that ! 

this was my brithday outfit :

top,belt : d.i.a
Pants : H&M
Boots: Rakuten

Make up :

Cake <3 
I turned 19 ^^

as present I've got money from my relatives and from my friends I've got :


I love this game <3~

Actually I bought presents for myself~ (Yea sounds like I am forever alone XD)

So recently I fell in LOVE with the Kpop groups EXO & Teen Top
So I've bought a few CDs from them :3 
And a MAC MSF from their latest Holiday Collection "Divine nights"

Such a pretty pinkish red ! ^^ 

later on we went to drink some cocktails and go clubbing!

I danced all night long until my feet hurt but it was nice !! 

well thats it for now
I will try to blog more in the future ! I'm sorry for that ! 



  1. happy you're back! such awesome pictures!

  2. Alles Gute nachträglich! :D
    Ich mag deine Haarfarbe, dein Halloween-Outfit und Make up total. *_*