Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

the GazettE Munich 25.09.2013

Hi there Girls!! 

well as you might know I have attended the "the GazettE World Tour 2013" in Munich

I was really looking forward for this concert, especially because I wasn't able to see them live in Japan!
But well I still have to say that it wasn't as good as in Japan last year . Not because of the Band but because of the fans.
I have never met so many rude and disrespectful fans at once. 

Anyways here are some pictures of that day!

I was really happy that my friend Marina came over to me and spent the weekend with me <3 
I picked her up on Thursday in the night . She arrived pretty late but that was fine since I got a day off on friday ! 
on friday we got up around 10 am and got slooooowly ready~ like really slowly since we didn't wanted to stand in the first row or anything , especially not me eventhough I was in the fanclub~

while getting ready ~ beauty break . XD 

I wanted to do a "rokku gal" inspired look ~ so this is how it turned out :

Make up : 

I tried this look earlier~ On the concert day I wore my make up with blue circle lenses as you can see here :

With marina baby <3

Sooo after we were ready we headed to the concert hall and as soon as I arrived I only got the chance to talk to a few people and then I already had to "check in" for the fanclub entrance which really sucked because the "fanclub area" was seperated from the other people so I stood there alone by myself for 1 1/2 hours....ANYWAYS 
As I was finally inside I got myself some merchandise and looked for a nice place to stand .
I had a pretty awesome view!

after everyone was inside of the hall the Band was in time on the stage ! 
the live was A W E S O M E  I tell you! 
BUT I wasn't thaaaat satisfied with the setlist ...unfortunately they haven't played my favorite song "Cockroach" I was waiting for this song the whole time and they didn't play it ..I was really sad and upset  because it seemed like they played it anywhere else on their tour but not in my city ....
anyways they played their popular songs just like " Filth in the beauty" , "Hyena" , "Agony" etc~
nevertheless I was happy to see them again and I hope I will be able to see them next time in Japan again! 
And this is the merchandise I've got :
The Make up bag including the Hair tie , a necklace , a ring and a phonecharm
also I've got the iPhone 5 sticker which I LOVE
and of course the "fanclub pass"

btw. did you notice that they printed the german flag wrongly on it 
it goes "black,red,yellow" not "black, yellow, red"
you tried the gazette tried xD

and I want to show you something funny I can do with the phone sticker :

you can stick your phone on clean surfaces mirrors or glass...isn't that awesome? XD

thats it ! 
Kisses & hugs 


  1. Kommt spät aber : Die roten Haare stehen dir wirklich total ausgezeichnet c,:

  2. HAHAHHA wie geil das schwebende IPhone! XD
    ihr saht so toll aus ;3; god dein Make Up ist liebe! Erzieherin...wie wäre es mit Make Up Artist? *3* haha

  3. Das Merch war ja mal echt cool. Ich hab das schon auf ein paar anderen Blogs gesehen, echt toll. ^^