Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014


Hey girls
 I know I haven't been posting anymore on my blog but I don't feel like blogging anymore since I am too lazy to write blogposts, instagram is much easier. Anyways 
Here are my sales if you arei nteressted contact me via facebook : Jennyfer Fox or write a direct EMAIL to : nakigahara_(at)


I ship from germany
I don't take reservations
I accept paypal only
I am NOT responsible for the items if they get lost or arrive demaged after I shipped them out ! 
Prices are not negotiable .
Shipping is not included .

d.i.a blouse with leather collar and shoulder cut out 
NEW wihout tags
never worn
Size S- small M 
40 € 

Cropped off shoulder Blouse
New withouth tags 
never worn 
40 € 

ORANGE Oversized zebra shirt 
Color is orange not red/pink
Second hand but still very good condition! 
40 € 

Bat-winged shirt with collar 
Worn once , very good condition 
size s-M 
45 € 

Rose printed pencil dress
It has a really skinny material and I would recommend this dress for shorter girls since it's pretty short as well! 
New Without tags, never worn (bought this year in japan) 
Size XS-S
50 € 

Silk Cardigan (It's also cropped not full lenght!)
Worn once , very good condition
Hood has sparkly zebra pattern inside 
Size S-M 

Really tight as well.
Second hand but very good condition! 
Size XS-S 
30 € 

Glavil by tutuha Shorts
They keep your butt really warm in the winter time ! 
Worn once but very good condition. 
size S-M 
25 € 

Samstag, 8. März 2014

d.i.a. fukubukuro 2014 reveal!

Hey girls .
Yes yes I know .....
you might think that right now " omg she is still alive after 4 months not blogging?"
yes I am.
I am honest I got waaaaaay to lazy for running my blog
I am more active on instagram. 
so if you wanna know what is going on my everyday life
better follow me there :3 
my name there is : 


soooooo, there is one thing I wanted to blog about so badly but somehow I didn't manage to find time.
I was busy with work and also working on my cosplay ! 

anyways , I ordered a d.i.a fukubukuro and I wanted to reveal the items which I have got! 
in total I've got 16 items. can you believe that ?! because I couldn't.
and I only had to sell 4 items (unfortunately they didn't fit me D:)
soo let's start! 

I've got 4 Jackets and I love every single one of them! 
the details are amazing! 

1. black jacket

2. beige jacket:

I love the detail on the back of the jacket! 


3. tiger print fur cadigan:

this one is soooo warm and looks so cool with the oversized hood! it gives such a lazy but cool look :3 

4. long sweater jacket:


hood detail:

sleeve detail:

I think this sweater is so great because you can wear it by itself and you don't necessarily need to be fully dressed underneath it because it is long enough to be worn as a dress! 

then I have got bunch of tops! 
I was so happy about it because one of my long time favorite tops was inside and I have been looking for it since ages and finally I have it! I still can't believe it ~~
but let's start with this amazing blouse: 

doesn't it look just super sexy? 
the ends of the sleeves have gold buttons and the shoulders are cut out
also the cross on the back ist kind of a leather material as well as the ends of the sleeves and the collar of the blouse :3

I think this is one of my favorite items:

I really love the back of it!

and here is my ultimate favorite item, I have been looking for this for such a long long time and I was so happy when I pulled it out of the bag ! 

the back has a seethrough material ! 
I love it soooo much

then I have got one set as well!
but when I saw the skirt I was laughing so hard.
the top parts fits me well but the skirt is so ridiculously TINY AND SMALL
not even the children in my kindergartengroup would fit in there how shall a grown up woman fit in?
I thought that was really ridiculous but anyways, I can wear the top by itself as well so that is fine :3

the skirt is smaller than it looks on the picture...

then I have got this super cute and simple top :
I actually really like it because of its details:

looks super sexy with a dia bra underneath!

I already own this dress but in black
though I really love the color and I really don't mind owning t in a peachy pink color as well! 
you might already have seen the black dress on me in my tokyo trip post ^^

I also got some high wasted jeans , unfortunately they don't fit perfectly
I am selling them for 45 € + shipping
if might someone is interested in them please contact me or leave me your email adress in a comment ^^ 
they are a size 25 (about XS) but the material is pretty strechty so I would say it goes up to about a small size M 

as well as I am selling this skirt: 
35€ + shipping
it is size XS-M 
on the front it is short and it gets longer to the back ^^ 

well these are my thing from my fukubukuro the items which are not on the picture is only one shirt and a bra which I have already sold ! I am sorry >-< 

well that's it for now 
I will try to blog more from now on >-< I am really sorry ! 

kisses & hugs