Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014


Hey girls
 I know I haven't been posting anymore on my blog but I don't feel like blogging anymore since I am too lazy to write blogposts, instagram is much easier. Anyways 
Here are my sales if you arei nteressted contact me via facebook : Jennyfer Fox or write a direct EMAIL to : nakigahara_(at)


I ship from germany
I don't take reservations
I accept paypal only
I am NOT responsible for the items if they get lost or arrive demaged after I shipped them out ! 
Prices are not negotiable .
Shipping is not included .

d.i.a blouse with leather collar and shoulder cut out 
NEW wihout tags
never worn
Size S- small M 
40 € 

Cropped off shoulder Blouse
New withouth tags 
never worn 
40 € 

ORANGE Oversized zebra shirt 
Color is orange not red/pink
Second hand but still very good condition! 
40 € 

Bat-winged shirt with collar 
Worn once , very good condition 
size s-M 
45 € 

Rose printed pencil dress
It has a really skinny material and I would recommend this dress for shorter girls since it's pretty short as well! 
New Without tags, never worn (bought this year in japan) 
Size XS-S
50 € 

Silk Cardigan (It's also cropped not full lenght!)
Worn once , very good condition
Hood has sparkly zebra pattern inside 
Size S-M 

Really tight as well.
Second hand but very good condition! 
Size XS-S 
30 € 

Glavil by tutuha Shorts
They keep your butt really warm in the winter time ! 
Worn once but very good condition. 
size S-M 
25 € 

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  1. Schaaade, dass man hier nichts mehr von dir lesen wird!
    Wie ist dein instagram Name, damit ich dir wenigstens da folgen kann? Der Link in der Sidebar funktioniert leider irgendwie nicht. ._.