Montag, 12. September 2011

Pink Hair☆

Hello Girls ! ^^ 

Well as I wrote a few entries earlier ,I dyed my hair pink because I did a "Styling change" at the TV 

you can watch it here . It begins at 27:00 mins

I don't know if "oversea" blog readers can watch it because it's a german TV show , 

anyways here are some pictures of me with pink hair:

If I had just some longer hair and other make up, I would look like a Manba xD 

what do you think? :D 

Now  I how to go because I will meet Baku, Hiki and Lina ! ^^ 

kisses & hugs 



  1. I just watch it right now~~ you're sooo cute *_*
    Always thought youre older then 16 o_o

  2. haha, hab das im TV gesehen :) wusst gar nicht das du das bist, aber ich finde das steht dir echt gut ;) Schick, schick :3

  3. i watched it toooo!!!
    looks so cooool hahaha!! :)
    i think too, it matches you very well!
    also when you dont wear curls (^^)

  4. WAHHH sieht viel besser aus als voher !!! *O* wow !

  5. Ah, wie cool. :D Wie bist du denn zu taff gekommen, haha? Ich find's eigentlich auch nicht schlecht, ist mal was anderes ^^

  6. Nice hair and I would love to see you in manba.