Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Birth to the new world

Hey Girls.

So today was the concert of ViViD's first live in Nippon Budokan (7/1/2012)

「Take off~ birth to the new world 」

Birth to the new world. 

I guess, they are now born in a new world.

It made me really sad  not to be a part of this concert.
I think this is the worst feeling ever for a fan....
..not to be a part of a significant concert and sitting at home about 10.000 km away.

But I'm still proud of my boys .

They grew up so fast and I'm happy to see how they are grewing more and more.

I heard that it was a wonderful concert.
Ryouga cryied so hard that he couldn't even finish his speech to the fans.

it broke my heart as I read this. 

Anyways I hope I can see them also live this year ! 
I planned to fly to Japan in Summer with my sweetheart Hiki

here are some pictures before the live :

and here are the boys before the live :

good luck for you in future guys.
I love you.

kisses & hugs 



  1. Wow! He's abs looks freaking hard! O-o almost like they are painted on ..

  2. LOL! xD The ABS were painted on! You can clearly see it. Whith bronzer and stuff! :D This cheeky bastard! xD