Montag, 2. Januar 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR ![pic heavy]

Hello Girls !!!!

Sorry for the late post but I came home yesterday night and I was toooo tired to write an entry ! 
but here is it

I wish you all a happy new year and that all your wishes will come true ! 

I hope you had a nice new year's party ! 

I'll tell you about mine 

On 29th I met two friends~ DoDo and Chrissi 
I picked them up from the central station and went to meet some other friends ~
we walked just through the city .

So in the evening we drove back to Dodo's 
We just watched a movie and talked a lot ^^ 


two other friends joined us~ Kou and Sozo :D
I haven't see them since long time ! 
it was nice to spend time with them.

We cooked together and afterwards we went to the grocery and bought food and alcohol

We just drunk the half of it xD 

there was also a shoeshop next to the grocery...Dodo and me couldn't resist 
and I also bought some shoes !

I love them !

I also got a little present from Kou

Isn't it cute? :3


Hiki and Seita joined us and we were finally complede !

we all got ready for the party ~

and here are some pictures:

Kitchenparty !

Hiki & Me

Sozo & Me

Dodo & Me

Chrissi & Me

Kou & Me

Goup picture:

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture with Seita ! 

We started to draw tumblr meme faces on some balloons

Also I got a cute present from Hiki 
 A Minnie Mouse shirt
and she gave me my ViViD towel ^^

And here are two last pictures from Dodo's cats 

this is Kou

and Chuck

I took other picutres but I look horrible and drunk lol.

kisses & hugs 


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