Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Sujimori Hair & 'message'

Hello Girl's ! 

I'm sorry for not updating my blog !!! 

Well today I met Hiki and she styled my old wig ! 

I actually wanted to do a "before-after" picture but I forgot to take a picture before we started !

Here is the result:


left side:

Right side:

So what do you think about it ?
It was her first try and I think she made it pretty good ! 

please comment ! :3

Also she gave me ViViD's new single 'message' which she orderd for me ! 

I also got photosets of them ! 

aw yeaaaaa~
the look adorable ! 

so that's all ! 

I think I'll blog more on weekend ! ^^

kisses & hugs