Mittwoch, 14. November 2012


Hey Girls ! 

So last week was my birthday and I celebrated it with my close friends ! 

It was really nice but I barely took pictures ! 
I'm so sorry about that 
but I can show pictures from my outfit,the cake and my presents !

first of all this was my outfit! 
I wore my Glavil by tutuHa dress which I bought in Japan !

Sadly you can't see my awesome spike high heels which I am wearing on this pictures ~ but anyways !

I wanted to take pictures with my friends but stupid me forgot it ;w; 
my friends baked such a cute cake 

it was really delicious ! 

Then here are my presents 

Since Hiki's & Seita's presen't didn't arrive at time I just got a picture of it ! XD 
I will get it when it will arrive 
I was sooooo happy when I opend the letter and saw the picture ;w;
thank you so much <3

Then I've got an alpacasso from Mel! 
and also super awesome silver nailpolish but I forgot to take a picture !!
but isn't the alpacasso cute?! ;w;

Actually my mother didn't want to give me a present since she payd half of my tokyo trip and I said that this was totaly okay 
but my mother was soooo cute and she gave me money and also a disney shirt ! 
thank you so much mommy !

and my last presen't was from Dodo and Kou! 
I've got a super cute bag which I am using for work sometimes <3 

later we went drinking coktails at a bar ! 
I really enjoyed that day and it was the best "party" in my life since this was the first time I celebrated it so nicely with my friends !

kisses & hugs 


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I really thought you are older. Because you look adult... not in a negative way, I hope you understand ;__;
    Awesome outfit and great presents *_*

  2. Auch von mir alles Liebe nachträglich :3
    Ich finde das Outfit wahnsinnig schön, das Kleid ist atemberaubend *-*

  3. alles gute nachträglich zum 18 <3 hoffe du hast schön gefeiert <3 du siehst älter aus als du bist..oder vielleicht sehe ich einfach nur zu jung aus ? ; x ;