Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

MAC, Nu'est , shopping and a baby!

hey girls ! 
sorry for not blogging ! ;w;
I am pretty busy with work right now. 
but now I found time to show you some new gets  ^^ 

Today I went shopping with a good friend of mine ! 

unfortunately I didn't find that many things 

first of all here is a picture from me: 

as you can see I've got new lenses !
gonna review them in another post ^^ 

back to shopping ! 
actually I just bought some jeans a belt and then bunch of MAC cosmetics! 

and super awesome boots

aren't they awesome?!

well let's move on to the make up! 

as you can see on this picture I also bought Nu'est albumn "Action" 
I recently fell in love with this band! 



Powder Foundation

Black Eyeliner

White Pencil Eyeliner

Blending Brush

Pretty expensive right?
But I am working hard for my money x.x 

and I also orderd the new iPhone5! 
I will arrive next week^^

then I visited my cousin and she has got a baby kitten!
it's 10 weeks old and such a cute little thing ;w;
yet it's nameless but I think she will quickly find a matching name for it!

nyaaaaaa <3

kisses & hugs 

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