Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Christmas 2012

Hello my lovely followers ! 

first of all I want to wish you all merry christmas and happy holidays !
I hope you will all have a great time with your family and friends and enjoy one of the best time of the year ! 

I celebrated christmas with my family yesterday. 
Me and my mother went to my aunt's appartment

Me and my mother already gave early in the morning the presents to each other
I gave my mother a perfume which she wished for it since a long time and I also got her some pretty earrings
She was so happy about her presents that she cried! 
That was so cute <3 

From my mother I got something really thoughtful! 
I am a person who actually has everything .
I haven't had any wish for christmas.
But my mother gave me something I do not own! 

She gave me a pyjama and some cute matching slippers! XD 
I really never owned a real pyjama and so she gave me one! 
I was really happy because I always selpt in some old pants and shirts
and now I have a pyjama! 

Unfortunately I forgot taking a pictures and now I am pretty lazy so I am sorry! 

So in the evening I got ready and we headed to my aunt! 
I won't wirte that much anymore and show you just some pictures!

since me and my mother were to lazy to decorate a whole christmastree we decided to have a little christmasbush! XD 
isn't it lovely ?

this is how I looked like :


Well later I decided to change my clothes >-<

My cousin, I and the brother of my aunt (No he is not my uncle)

as you can see little Fidibus is on my lap <3 
I took some more pictures with him

ahhh he is just so cute <3 
I could take him with me 

later on we ate dinner

it was so delicious <3 
My aunt can cook so special menus and it is always so delicious ! 

Well actually that's it ! ^^ 

kisses & hugs 


  1. Wow, you looked super pretty and I also wish you a merry christmas!
    I wanna see the pyjama, haha^^

  2. uha! Super pretty look~!
    even your hair looks so shiny~<3
    the pictures with the little cat are a way to cute ;^; omg~!

  3. Dir auch ein frohes Fest noch ^^
    Das Essen sieht ja lecker aus - Ente?
    Und die kleine Katze ~~~ könnte sie mopsen XD

    LG, Ruha Chan

  4. Hübsche Outfits und die Katze deiner Tante ist echt niedlich. :3
    Schöne restliche Weihnachtstage dir noch. <3

  5. Aw das ist einer der letzten Christmas-posts die ich hier lese :) Aber ein richtig süßer! Ich mag das Kätzchen!! Und das erste Outfit ist mein Favorit, aber das zweite ist auch sehr schön :3