Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012


Hey girls ! 

so rightnow nothing is happening is my life and I am also sick and don't go to work ):

So , as you know, christmas is coming !

and I wanted to show you my wish-list 
but I think I won't get anything for christmas from my family since my stephfather isn't here for christmas and my mother and I made a deal that no one is going to give a present to each other.
I think I will surise her anyways with some Swarovski earrings or something like that.
she really loves earrings! 

we will see~
so let's move on to the wishlist ! 

d.i.a belts 

this famouse d.i.a bag which many kurogals are owning! 
I really love the design and it seems like it is really big ^^ 

Glavil skull dress in white

I acutally planed to get it in red but I can't find it anywhere so I will buy it in white! 
I need to buy more colorful clothes....90 % of my closet is black D:

animalprint petticoat
I already ordered it and can't wait to get it !

New overknee boots since my old once are gettin broke ;w;

white leatherjacket with spikes! 
this one looks so awesome but it costs around 100 € 

flight glasses 

30 inch long hair extensions ! 
I will buy those until the gal meet up in düsseldorf in january!
it will cost me so much money but I think it will look awesome ^^ 
I just want my hair like my inspiration Yuri:

Juciy couture bracelet

pink blush by MAC

Primer Potion by Urban decay 
I heard it is really good and makes your eyemake up last for the whole day ! 

Circle Lenses - Cafe Mimi Macchiato

and at least. 
the third vivid fanclub magazine <3

I guess that's it for the moment XD 
what are you wishing for christmas?!

kisses & hugs 

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