Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

New Gets + Outfits [Pictures heavy]

Hey girls ! 

I'm sorry for not blogging for ages ! 
I'm not dead don't worry
I was just so busy with work so I had no time to blog and I was also totaly exhausted! 

But finally I am back! 

So what's going on? 

I just bought some new clothes which I want to show you ! 

Glavil Dress
Two d.i.a. belts

I'm so happy about my new stuff! 

Let's take a closer look to them! ^^ 

When I recived the moon style belt I was dissapointed and sad because it didn't fit me
I already thought about selling it because this belt is for really skinny girls
and I am not skinny (unfortunately)


luckily Jelly helped me to fix that problem!
So if you are planning to get this belt too and it doesn't fit is a trick how to fix this problem:

Take your belt like this:

Fold a little part of it back 

take one of these (I don't know that they are called in english but they are called " Musterklammern" in german you can get those in any office store:

Put it into both holes

turn it around and split the ends 

then it should look like this:

That's it! ^^ 

here are some details of the belt :

Two rhinestones are missing I know .
The belt cost 4000 Yen so it's okay ~ I can fix that too ^^  

Then I got some new extensions which are around 27" long (70cm)
They are 100% human hair aaaaand they were fahkin' expensive but totaly worth their money

and last but not least I got some new cosmetics ^^ 

CHANEL Illusion D'ombre Golden creme eyeshadow in "VISION"
Urban Decay Pore Perfection Skin Primer
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in the color "Supremely Confident"
NYX "The Curve" eyeliner

Here are short reviews about the products (exept for the skin primer)


This is a really creamy and extremely shimmery eyeshadow 
I tried to take a good picture with eyemake up but the light was shitty so...I'm sorry about that
But it looks amazing I tell you ! 

This is just a simple eyeliner
I saw it at first on yourtube from a make up guru
It's not the best eyeliner but I gave it a try 

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick

This one is a very creamy lipstick but the color is beautfiful for gyaru!
You don't need to top it of with a gloss because it is already shiny!

What else is new? 
I got a tongue piercing! :D
I didn't even hurt~

I really love it!

And here are some pictures from myself with my new clothes/make up whatever

Here you can see the MAC lipstick worn!

Closer look to the extensions!
They are really long

that's it ! 
I hope you liked it! 

kisses & hugs 


  1. Love your new stuff! And your hair extensions whoew.


  2. Wirklich tolle Sachen und ein toller Tip mit dem Gürtel. ^^
    Btw: deine Kette mit der Krone dran find ich echt hammer! *__*

  3. wow gleich zwei d.i.a gürtel... mir würde schon einer reichen :'D
    echt schicke neue sachen. dein erstes outfit gefällt mir, hatte es auch schon auf tumblr geliked ;)

  4. How cute! Loooooooooong hair looks really good on you. For some people, it drowns them out, but you look good in it~ Love the belts so much ♥

  5. Wow, du siehst so mega toll aus und tolle Sachen und generell alles *_* wahnsinn! <3

  6. such a nice post !!!

    i think i will have the same problem with the belt that i'm waiting. So thank you for tips about it !

    and wow i'm totally in love yours belts and the tutuHA dress *.*

  7. I love that dress! I really want one, but I have to save up a lot ;_;

  8. Wow!:D
    I see allot of Gal potential in you^^