Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

sponsored review - Circle lenses by UNIQUSO Barbie Three Tones Lenses

Hello girls ! 

So here is the promised review about the circle lenses which I mentioned in my last post!

Here are stock pictures from their website 

this is how the lenses look like
I've got the blue one! ^^

some information:

(pictures taken from their website! all credits go to

the lenses arrived in such a cute packaging and included also a free lens case ! 

Without make up:

With make up 

Design: ★5/5

They have a really really nice design! 
Kind of little crystals and with a light red shimmer! 

Enlargment: 4/5

they have a diameter of 16.5mm 
but I think they just have a diameter of 15.00 mm 
I thought 16.5mm were much bigger .
But they are still make you eyes appear bigger!

Comfort: 5/5
I have been wearing them for one whole day and they were super comfy! 
I barely felt them on my eyeball and this is really important that contact lenses should be comfortable! 

Overall these contaclenses are really amazing ! 
they are available in 5 more colors ! ^^ 

thanks to uniquso that they sent me these amazing lenses to review them! 

kisses& hugs

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