Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

International Gyaru Lovers Meet Up Düsseldorf

Hey girls ! 
So finally here is my blogpost about the International Gyaru Meet up in Düsseldorf ! 

My journey started friday the 25th . I got a free day at work so I took a plane around 10 am 

I dropped off my luggage,picked up my boarding pass and headed up to coffee fellows since I had some time left ! ^^ 

It was something with marzipan...forgot the name but it tasted really delicious ! 

after I drank it I headed to my gate where I checked in and waited for my plane to take off

I took some pictures inside the plane because I thought the view was just amazing!

the flight itself was horrible...I thought I am going to die ...the plane was shaking all the time and I could smell gas all the time ...
Well luckily I survived and arrived safely in Düsseldorf! 
From there on I met my friend Lina and went to her appartment and got a ready (only put on make up) 
then I met some gals in the OSC store ...
I looked kinda ugly that day so no pictures !!
I am really sorry . 
We went to Don and had dinner. 
I only ate edamame because I wasn't that hungry  ^^ 
Unfortunately I had to leave early because I had to meet my friend Rookie ~ 
So I went back to the central station to meet her and then we went to her dance practice~

It got really cold in the evening so I was happy when we were at her home ;w;

Random picture~~

We haven't done anything special in the evening so I will just skip to saturday ! ^^ 

We woke up around 9am to get ready ! 

This was my outfit ^^ 
I have already shown you my outfit in a previous entry ^^ 

Jacket: d.i.a
Shit: offbrand
Necklace: random shop in Tokyo
belt: d.i.a.
Skirt: ebay
Shoes: forever 21 

We came a little late because I also had to style her~
But as we arrived at the central station I got a little nervous but I was also happy at the same time because I had the chance to meet some of my friends again and meet also some new people ! 

I think I will stop talking at this point and just show you some pictures ! ^^ 

by Rox

by binh

with Dóri and Sziszi! 
I was really happy to get to know them
It was so random~ 
They are both from hungary and I just heard them talking behind me and I was like " wait...I understand what they are talking!" 
So I just turned around and started talking to them in hungarian! It was so awesome  XD

with Dóri

with Sziszi

she looked so pretty ! ;w;

Kitai! <3

with Maria! (she came from Barcelona with her friends!)

with Marta ~ (also from Barcelona)

with Cristina ~

with Chechi~

and with Laia(also known as Hiki^^) ! 

We mainly spent time with Ronja and Hoshi and two other friends of them~

with Hoshi ~

and with Ronja ^^ 

Also we took some purikura ! ^^ 

I am Purikura addicted! 
I srsly love taking purikura ! 
who doesn't?

We also had lunch at naniwa

it was so delicious! 
But I wasn't able to eat everything ...I was really sad about that D:

The day ended pretty fast! 
We went home around 8 or 9 pm~

At home we watched "ponyo" this movie is so cute ! but unfortunately I fell asleep...fahk.

well this was my entry about the Gal meet! 
I want to thank you all guys !! 
It was such an amazing weekend and I really enjoyed it!
hope to see you all soon again!

kisses & hugs 


  1. So hübsche Fotos und dein Outfit gefällt mir total gut. *___*

  2. das meet war echt toll! :)
    und dein outfit hat mir sehr gut gefallen!

  3. haha~ voll interessant das ganze aus so vielen verschiedenen Sichtweisen zu lesen XD
    die vielen posts trösten mich darüber hinweg, das ich nicht da war ^^°...
    dein outfit ist toll ^o^ und deine Extensions ~woaaa soooo long *o*
    ach ja und dieses marzipan-dingends von Coffe Fellows ist so ziemlich mein Leiblingsgetränk XD sooo geil ^^
    ... ich kenne jemanden, der keine Puris mag -.-°... sowas gibt es tatsächlich^^°... schwer vorstellbar, ne?
    nice post bye bye^^

  4. Love your outfit! All you gals looked so cute<3