Samstag, 14. September 2013

TOKYO PART 3 (Last Part) Special Moments!

Hi there Girls! 

So here is finally the last part of my Tokyo entry series~
Actually I don't reall know what to say to those pictures since they are these typical "Tourist" pictures XD

Asakusa ~

Akihabara @ Club Sega  ^^

On this day I won my Alpakasso <3

Tokyo Tower

I enjoyed some Crêpe and Melon Soda infront of the tower!
It was the most delicious thing I ever ate/drank I guess ;w;


Tower Records °A°

Disney Store <3

I loved this store so much! I could have buy everything ! I love Disney so much<3

Shinjuku Government Building

Ueno Park where we enjoyed crushed Ice with syrup :3

Of course I took Melon taste <3

Shibuya ! 
my all time favorite place besides Odaiba 

infront of Hachiko!

d.i.a shop staff! <3
She was so cool! 

well this was my room~ it was SO DAMN SMALL!

Odaiba ~where we have been to the Alice Nine Concert :3 

Before the live :3

this is what I've bought at the concert~

After the concert ~

Tokyo Sky Tree 

on my last day I also met my friend Kimi to take purikura >-< 

on my way back home I saw this "gyaru-ish" little girl and I had to take a picture of her ! 
She was so cute !

thats it ~
I hope you enjoyed my entries about my trip to tokyo! 

kisses & hugs 

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